Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Touts Web Advances to Mark Chrome Browser's Third Birthday reports: "Few would disagree Google is the premier Web services company, offering the world's most popular search engine, the world's leading video Website in YouTube, a successful Webmail product in Gmail, and even a fledgling social network in Google . Perhaps no effort cemented Google's presence as a Web giant than the Chrome Web browser, which the company launched Sept. 1, 2008. Just three years in, Chrome has 15.5 percent market share, according to Net Applications, and over 120 million users worldwide, according to Google's last count in May. The company's speedy V8 JavaScript parsing engine, paired with sandboxed tabs that limit crashes to one tab per failure and a user-friendly interface, have contributed to Chrome's rise. Google is also trying to move the needle forward for HTML5, the Web language standard that the search giant, Facebook and other native Web development companies are embracing to propel their applications forward." (Read the rest of the article)

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