Saturday, May 19, 2012

eBay: Sony AIBO ERS-110 w/ performer software - brand new in box (rate item)

Here is an excerpt for a rare item from an eBay Auction: "up for sale is a brand new, still in the box Sony AIBO robotic dog. Released in 1999 and limited to 5,000 units (3,000 units in august for Japan & 2,000 in september for the USA), the AIBO sold out within a matter of days in both territories.

This was one of what many would consider one of the first autonomous "toys" and allowed its owners to raise their dog from "puppy" to adult, training it along the way. the AIBO series was quite successful and popular for Sony until the mid 2000's (it was discontinued in 2006)."  (read more on the auction page)

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