Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Intel Past and Present: 25 Facts You Might Not Know

eWeek reports: "Intel remains synonymous in many peoples' minds with terms such as 'microprocessor' and 'innovation.' Its constant barrage of television ads, often capped with that distinctive 'dum-da-DUM' jingle, has made it one of the few technology companies that your average American can actually name. Over its several decades of existence, Intel has developed the computational architecture underlying everything from arcade games and industrial electronics to the PC sitting on your desk. Although many people know the terms 'Pentium' and 'Intel Inside,' they may not realize that the company's innovations extend beyond powering laptops and desktops. In recent years, Intel's researchers have focused on everything from the ultra-wired home and more efficient cloud computing to robot butlers. The tablet PC and mobile markets are also firmly in the company's sights, as it seeks to leverage recent trends in those areas. The following slides detail 25 things about Intel's history and current workings: from the historic to the totally obscure."

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