Thursday, May 13, 2010

eBay: Sony Aibo Robot Dog

I remember wanting one of these Sony Aibo robot dogs but was not willing to spend the money on them. I found one recently on eBay, and they're now worth as much as they were when they were new. The except from the eBay auction:
"In 1999, Sony produced the first commercially available fully autonomous entertainment robot, knows as Aibo, model ERS-110, with an original production for the U.S. of 2,000 robots. We were on the waiting list for one of these robots, and were lucky enough to get one. The original price tag, with tax and shipping, was just shy of $3,000, but we considered it a rare opportunity to acquire an item that would be highly collectible and sought after.

We've had our Aibo, named Robi One Kenobi, for ten years now, but have found that he spends way too much time in his box. In fact, he spends about 51 out of 52 weeks each year in his box. Since the Aibo's start out like puppies, and "learn" as they do things, and since we don't have time to work with him, we've decided it's time to sell him and let someone else play with him."

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