Thursday, May 13, 2010

eBay: Kenbak - 1 computer -- RARE VINTAGE PC

Want to see a very rare vintage computer, checkout this Kenbak-1 computer that was recently sold on eBay. Here is some information from the eBay auction:
"The world's first personal computer: the Kenbak-1 Computer, Serial Number 183 from the original production run, Restored by and sold personally by John V. Blankenbaker, the creator and designer of the Kenbak-1

The Kenbak-1 computer, built in 1971, is considered by many computer historians to represent the world's first personal computer. This Kenbak-1 computer, serial number 183, has been in the possession of its creator John V. Blankenbaker since 1971, and has been recently restored by him to be fully operational. Kenbak-1 computers are scarce and considered to be highly collectible. On rare occasions when one has been offered for sale, they have sold for between $10,000 and $15,000."
The final auction price on this piece of equipment was: $25,600.00.

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