Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The World’s First MP3 Player (c. 1998)

Team Teabag! reports: "Today we all take MP3 players for granted. iPods are ubiquitous, mobile phones can play the format, even most new car stereos support MP3 right off the showroom floor. But it wasn’t always like this - Back in 1998, highly illegal sites like Audiofind were giving away artist’s songs quite openly and completely for free in pretty poor-sounding 112 and 128KBps MP3 format, and we were downloading them with our 56K modems - often taking up to half an hour a time."

This is not the first article that I have read that states MPMan was the first MP3 player. Although the first hard drive based MP3 player was invented by Compaq (according to this article).

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