Monday, July 28, 2008

Auction: KIM-1 Computer

Here is a rare auction on eBay, its a KIM-1 computer. This is a very early home computer, with a simple keypad and an LED displays.

Here is an text excerpt from the auction: "At auction here is a very nice, rare, KIM-1 Micro computer. This computer was originally released by MOS Technologies in 1976 as a way to demonstrate the power and flexibility of their new 6502 chip to engineers. It quickly found a following among computer hobbyists, and is widely considered the first commercially successful 'home' computer.

This computer cost $245 when released. It consists of a 6502 microprocessor running at 1Mhz, 1024 bytes of RAM, a 6 digit LED display, on-board data entry through a hex keypad, 30 digital I/O lines, cassette recorder interface, and a small operating system in ROM.

This computer is an ORIGINAL MOS Technologies board, before that company was bought by Commodore, making this item rarer still."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

I'm trying to find out the market value of this vintage game. Can you help me?

I've had it 30 years. It's in its original box and near like-new condition, and still works.

Game is: Roberts, SuperColor Volley X


Enrique A. Campano