Thursday, June 26, 2008

eBay Sale: IMSAI 8080 Computer

eBay had a very complete IMSAI Computer system available for about $2000. It really was one of the most complete systems I have seen there for a long time. I would check out this eBay page before its gets cleared off the system.

Here is an excerpt from the auction: "This IMSAI Computer system was purchased and constructed in the late 1970’s. It was used in the office of a small company to handle bookkeeping and inventory.

This system was used daily right up to the day that more advanced computers came available, that our office eventually purchased. This system has been carefully stored for almost 30 years and I hope the pictures reflect that. All items have the basic wear of items with this much age behind them. There are no dents – bangs – or deep scratches on the hardware - the manuals and floppy disks were stored in dry location with no water or mold damage."

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Filco said...

Hi - did someone buy it for 2k? Page has expired now... I will have one for sale but need to see how complete it is. Thanks!