Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vintage Digital DEC Rainbow Computer Model PC 100 - B

Part of a new feature for this site, I am going to start to post links to interesting items that I find on eBay. I will try to post only unique items or ones with interesting history.

Below is an excerpt from an eBay auction for an interesting piece of technology history (background): "Vintage Digital Equipment Corporation Rainbow Computer. Model PC 100 - B. It is clean with no musty or bad odors. The top is discolored - you can see the outline of books that sat on top of it. It's very heavy, about 32 or 33 pounds. I have no idea if it still works, so I'm selling it 'as is'. If you need me to take a close up picture of any part, I would be happy to. Buyer pays actual shipping. I accept PayPal, money order or check. Thank you for looking!"
Note: These posts are not meant as recommendations of the items, or seller. If you choose to bid on the item do so at your own risk.

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