Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Model 1 Computer System Complete Drives Printer TRS-80

Below is an excerpt from an eBay auction for an interesting piece of technology history (background): "TRS-80 computer system with keyboard/CPU, expansion interface, monitor, two 1/2 height 5 1/4 disk drives in a single enclosure, TRS-DOS manual, level II basic manual, expansion interface manual, RS-232 option manual, TRS-80 IB modem (untested, no land line), printer and all of the cables. All components except the modem are guaranteed to be working well. The memory is at the maximum size of 48K. The disk drives are double sided double density (supported by some third party DOSs, compatible with single side TRSDOS). Does not have the double density disk controller option. The disk drive enclosure and drives are third-party parts. The Okidata Microline 80 printer is compatible with the Model 1 character and graphics set and includes 4 ribbons. The new ribbons are not tested and could be dry by now. Software disks includes TRSDOS, Newdos 80 for the model 1, a games disk and a utility disk with assorted programs."
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