Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heathkit HERO JR Robot Original and UNBUILT Heath Kit - eBay (item 300224452068 end time May-17-08 18:08:51 PDT)

Below is an excerpt from an eBay auction for an interesting piece of technology history (background): "Up for auction is a Heathkit HERO JR robot kit - straight out of 1984 and amazingly unbuilt. I recently picked this up with the intention of building it myself and turning the HERO JR into my personal servant; however, I definitely don't have the time it requires to assemble, program, and troubleshoot. So, I offer this kit up to you. Here's the deal. The gentleman I got this from purchased it new in 1984, poked around some of the boxes and components, started a little work on it, then packed it up nicely not to be seen again until 2008. He had no reason to believe that anything was missing and, while I can't be 110% sure, I've been through the package several times and everything seems to be in order."
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